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1. Thai Chicken Salad
Grilled chicken breast with sesame,soy, vinaigrette dressing.

2. Spicy Shrimp Salad
Spiced with roasted chili, cilantro, scallion, spicy lime dressing.
3. Rama Salad
Mixed green with tomato, cucumber, & tofu with peanut dressing.
4. Grilled Beef Salad
Grill Beef with Thai herbs & spicy lime dressing.
5. Mixed Green Salad

6. Spicy Silver Noodle
      Salad (Yum WoonSen)

Clear noodle, chicken and shrimp mixed with celery, onion, in spicy lime and cilantro dressing.
7. Spicy Seafood Salad
      (Yum Talae)

Seafood combination tossed with onion, cilantro, spicy lemongrass and lime dressing.
8. Larb (Pork or Chicken)

Choice of meat seasoned with roasted chili and herbs, spiced with lime dressing.
*Spicy (Can also be mild)