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Served with steamed rice
For complete dinner with soup or
salad & dumplings add $3

Following Entrees Have a Choice of
• Chicken, pork or vegetarian
  (extra meat add $3)

• Complete Dinner


• Beef, calamari, shrimp
  (extra meat add $3)
• Complete Dinner



• Combination Seafood
• Complete Dinner

1. Pad Thai
Thin rice noodles sautéed with
tamarind sauce, egg, crushed
peanut, bean sprout, & scallion.

2. Spicy noodles
(pad keemao)

Sautéed with vegetables in chili,
garlic and basil sauce.

3. Pad Se Ew
Sautéed rice noodles in mild soy
sauce with egg and broccoli.

4. Thai Fried rice
Fried rice with egg, onion, tomato,
carrot and pea.

5. Spicy Fried Rice
Fried rice with veggies in chili,
garlic and basil sauce.

6. Pineapple Fried Rice
Fried rice with pineapple, onion,
cashew nut & a dash of curry powder.

7. Ba Mi
(Thai style chow mein)

Stir fried egg noodles and
vegetables in soy sauce.

8. Pad WoonSen
Stir fried clear noodles with egg,
and vegetables.

9. Rad Naa
Pan fried rice noodles topped with black bean gravy, broccoli & carrot.
*Spicy (Can also be mild)